Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nevada Conservation League - We need your help.

The Nevada Conservation League has been the political voice for Nevada's environmental community since 2002.  Each election cycle, we endorse the candidates for state office that will make the protection of our air, land, water and wildlife a top priority.

We are proud to announce our endorsements for the 2012 election listed below.   Each of these candidates either has a strong record on environmental issues or has proven through our interview process that they will place a high priority on protecting our state’s natural resources.  These endorsements follow our early endorsements that were issued in March.  Endorsements were not considered for candidates running unopposed.

Many of these races will be very competitive, in both the primary and general election.  Please contact us if you’d like to help an NCL-endorsed candidate.  Pro-environment candidates need our help and we need to support them to build a more pro-conservation legislature.

One race in particular warrants special attention.  We have endorsed Patricia Spearman in Senate District 1.  In the 2011 legislative session, Senator John Lee sponsored SB 271, a bill that will remove Nevada from the Tahoe Regional Planning Compact in four years.  Senator Lee pushed this legislation through without working with anyone in the environmental community and showed that he is willing to sacrifice one of our nation’s great treasures to eliminate restrictions for developers.  Ms. Spearman has demonstrated through our candidate interview process that she will be a strong champion for Nevada’s environment.

This election, the stakes couldn't be higher.  If we are to expand renewable energy and conserve our public lands, wildlife and natural treasures, we need strong, effective representation in Carson City.

We need your help!

Thank you again for your support.


Kyle Davis, Nevada Conservation League Political Director

Endorsements follow:
Patricia Spearman – Senate District 1
Tick Segerblom – Senate District 3*
Kelvin Atkinson – Senate District 4
Joyce Woodhouse – Senate District 5
Benny Yerushalmi – Senate District 6
David Parks – Senate District 7
Justin Jones – Senate District 9
Aaron Ford – Senate District 11
Debbie Smith – Senate District 13*
Sheila Leslie – Senate District 15*
Pete Goicoechea – Senate District 19

Peggy Pierce – Assembly District 3*
Jason Frierson – Senate District 8
Andrew Martin – Assembly District 9
Joe Hogan – Assembly District 10*
Olivia Diaz – Assembly District 11*
James Ohrenschall – Assembly District 12*
Maggie Carlton – Assembly District 14*
Elliot Anderson – Assembly District 15
Heidi Swank – Assembly District 16
Steven Brooks – Assembly District 17*
Richard Carrillo – Assembly District 18*
Ellen Spiegel – Assembly District 20
Lynn Stewart – Assembly District 22
David Bobzien – Assembly District 24*
Teresa Benitez-Thompson – Assembly District 27*
April Mastroluca – Assembly District 29*
Mike Sprinkle – Assembly District 30
Skip Daly – Assembly District 31*
James Healey – Assembly District 35
James Oscarson – Assembly District 36
Paul Aizley – Assembly District 41*
Irene Bustamante Adams – Assembly District 42
*Indicates early endorsement.

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